Using Simplifi+ MedStorage enables your pharmacy staff to:

Simplify and streamline medication storage inspections

A single sign-on platform helps you track all the tasks and documents required to pass unit inspections outside of the pharmacy. A mobile-friendly format allows you and your team to document inspections where they happen throughout your facilities.

Ensure pharmacy compliance for The Joint Commission accreditation

Inspection-ready reports and state-of-the-art analytics provide completion and compliance reports from each hospital unit, eliminating the paper and binder clutter of traditional compliance reporting.

Access industry-leading innovation and customer service

Your team will collaborate with our implementation team and has ongoing access to 24/7 customer support and a dedicated customer success manager. We regularly update the solution to reflect customer feedback and industry best practices.

Obtain system-level oversight

Standardize operations easily—create or modify policies in one central location, and they'll disseminate through your entire system. Analytics that report up from each facility help close compliance gaps.

Quickly customize processes and workflows

Customize automated checklists; modify units, forms and criteria in standardized forms; or create your own to fit your specific system needs.

Generate real-time inspection reports

Dynamic reporting enables managers to check for completion and produce customized compliance reports in multiple readily actionable formats.

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