Why Body Interact for medical institutions?

Designed for clinical directors, faculty, students, and residents, Body Interact offers a hands-on, virtual learning experience for clinical training, with a vast library of scenarios across 15 clinical areas. It covers pre-hospital, ER, hospital, and patient consult situations, and offers exposure to a diverse range of patient types. Scenarios are reviewed by medical associations for accuracy and difficulty, and performance assessments are available in real-time on a customizable dashboard.

Who we help​

Clinical faculty and program directors at medical schools

  • Prepare students for clinical encounters without any risk to real patients.
  • Enhance students’ clinical reasoning and decision-making skills.
  • Build clinical confidence for residency.

SIM directors and managers who run simulation labs

  • Maximize student engagement and outcomes.
  • Increase preparedness before, during, and after students utilize your facility.
  • Support your current efforts in your simulation center.
  • Develop teamwork skills as students work together to solve cases.

Why Body Interact for your students?

  • Enable practice of life-saving techniques before use on actual patients.
  • Help deal with the uncertainty of widely different clinical situations.
  • Encourage a collaborative, team-based learning experience.
  • Provide ample time to work through complex clinical conditions.
  • Enhance clinical reasoning and decision-making skills.
  • Build clinical confidence for residency.
  • Adjust or create new scenarios based on class/student needs and objectives.
Discover the student challenge
Want to see Body Interact in action? Tell your students about the Body Interact Challenge — where students work together in teams (against other teams) to solve clinical cases.
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Medical students from University of Pavia rave about Body Interact
Learn how students work together to solve many clinical cases and how University of Pavia professors have implemented Body Interact into their lectures.

Reduce clinical errors

  • Simulate medical history-taking using interactive dialogues with virtual patients.
  • Monitor vital signs and perform a physical assessment.
  • Observe patient reactions to student interventions.
  • View changes in physical systems.
  • Complete a diagnosis and order from nearly 300 complementary tests.
  • Prescribe and administer medication from over 600 drugs.
  • Collaborate with classmates as clinical team members.
  • Receive feedback on performance.

Cloud-based and no plug-ins needed

  • Built-in LMS that enhances speed and access to valuable feedback and insights
  • Anytime/anywhere access, for self-directed or in-person learning
  • Simple interactivity, fostering collaborative, team-based work
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, and Japanese

Real stories and genuine insights about Body Interact

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Learn how Body Interact can help you improve your students’ clinical reasoning and decision-making skills.

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