We work closely with our authors and their organisations to ensure that all marketing activity has the maximum effect. Our pricing policy follows the market standard and is regularly compared with our competitors’ pricing. Our marketing department actively uses the following channels:
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Direct Marketing

  • Email: Personalised and highly targeted campaigns.
  • Direct Mail: catalogues, individual leaflets and subject area campaigns.
  • Our eStore: all publications are included on https://law-store.wolterskluwer.com/s/.

Indirect Marketing

We work closely with more than 500 major (local) booksellers, independent booksellers, and online retailers to arrange joint promotions.


Wolters Kluwer attends multiple conferences on an annual basis presenting books, journals, and online products.

Social Media

We actively use social media to market our content, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, allowing us to personally engage with our markets and to increase visibility for your publications.

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We publish blogs in the area of Arbitration, Mediation, Competition Law, Tax Law, Patent Law, Copyright, Trademark Law & Global Workplace Law & Policy that help us in reaching out to the legal community in dedicated areas of law.

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