ICCA’s Focus on Egypt is a one-stop collection of the arbitration materials from Egypt published by ICCA. It includes, among others, all arbitral awards rendered under the auspices of the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA), all Egyptian court decisions applying the 1958 New York Convention and other relevant Egyptian arbitration-related court decisions published in the Yearbook Commercial Arbitration, as well as the National Report Egypt published in the International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration. An added bonus is the chapter on Egypt in the Second Edition of Arbitration in Africa: a Practitioner’s Guide.
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  • Mohamed Abdel Wahab
  • Stephan Schill
  • Lise Bosman
  • Ismail Selim
ICCA's contributions to advancing and developing the practice of arbitration globally cannot be overstated. ICCA's and Kluwer's focus on Egypt as a leading African and Middle Eastern jurisdiction is a truly welcome initiative. Egypt's rich arbitration culture and the influence of its legal system on other jurisdictions in the region mark its importance as a rising seat and player in the world of international arbitration. Gathering useful Egyptian arbitration resources and materials in one accessible location is a natural positive step towards true global inclusion.
Mohamed Abdel Wahab
Mohamed Abdel Wahab
This ICCA Focus reminds us of the importance of looking at international arbitration across regions and civilizations. It is a testament to the contribution that the Egyptian courts and the Cairo Regional Centre are making to international arbitration on the African continent, the Middle East, and worldwide.
Stephan Schill
Stephan Schill
Through its Working Group on African Arbitral Practice and other initiatives, ICCA aims to support and develop African arbitral practice and to provide insights into new developments on the continent. We are pleased to gather these materials from a vibrant African arbitration seat in one easy-to-find location.
Lise Bosman
Lise Bosman
This is an acknowledgment of, and a special dedication to, the marvelous job and professionalism achieved by ICCA and its team in publishing four CRCICA arbitral awards in the 2021 edition of the ICCA Yearbook. The enormous effort by ICCA and its team in achieving the highest level of confidentiality and keeping the awards quite anonymous, and yet the facts and legal substance intact, is much appreciated and cannot go unnoticed. The awards have settled landmark disputes over amounts greater than hundreds of millions or billions of USD. Awards of this nature rendered by the highest caliber of internationally renowned arbitrators also illustrate the prominent status of the CRCICA, as an arbitral institution, in the global arbitration scene.
Ismail Selim
Ismail Selim

I. Published in the Yearbook Commercial Arbitration

A. Awards

Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA)

B. Court Decisions

Egyptian Court Decisions on the 1958 New York Convention

  1. Court of Appeal, Cairo, 28 January 2004 (International Trade Corporation v. V/O Stankoimport), Yearbook XLV (2020) pp. 234-237 (Egypt no. 1)
  2. Court of Appeal, Cairo, 27 February 2007 (Cimenco Egypt v. Nickelson Industrial Co.), Yearbook XLV (2020) pp. 238-240 (Egypt no. 2)
  3. Court of Cassation, 22 January 2008 (Misr Foreign Trade v. R.D Harboties (Mercantile)), Yearbook XLV (2020) pp. 241-243 (Egypt no. 3)
  4. Court of Cassation, 28 March 2011 (Engineering Industries Company et al. v. Roadstar Management et al.), Yearbook XLV (2020) pp. 244-246 (Egypt no. 4)
  5. Court of Appeal, Cairo, 6 May 2014 (Oakley Fertilizer, Inc. v. Not indicated), Yearbook XLV (2020) pp. 247-248 (Egypt no. 5)
  6. Court of Appeal, Cairo, 3 February 2016 (Damietta International Ports Company v. Arab Contractors Company et al.), Yearbook XLV (2020) pp. 249-252 (Egypt no. 6)
  7. Court of Appeal, Cairo, 7 February 2016 (Foshan Boyida Textile v. Egypt Care et al.), Yearbook XLV (2020) pp. 253-254 (Egypt no. 7)

Egyptian Court Decisions on Other Arbitration-Related Issues

II. Published in the International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration

For information on arbitration law and practice in Egypt, including court practice on recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and more, please consult the National Report for Egypt by Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab and Noha Khaled Abdel Rahim.
In addition, we highly recommend the chapter on Egypt by Mohamed Abdel Raouf in the Second Edition of Arbitration in Africa: a Practitioner’s Guide (Kluwer Law International, 2021)
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