Manage your legal matters, invoices and document in the Microsoft Office Suite
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With Office Companion, your teams will enjoy:

  • An easy-to-use, intuitive solution for all members of your legal or claims department
  • Streamlined matter workflows with access to all documents, emails, people, events, and tasks directly within Office
  • Quick and efficient legal invoice review, right inside your inbox
  • Enhanced collaboration with legal service providers to improve processes and communications
  • Reduced IT costs with easy deployment and centralized administration

Spend and matter management workflows directly in Office


Manage all your matters and invoices, including emails, documents, narratives, calendars, events, tasks, and contacts.


Simply drag and drop emails, documents, and other attachments to and from their corresponding matters in seconds.

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Review, adjust, approve, and reject invoices with comments, reason types and supporting documentation right from your inbox.

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Preview invoice fees, expenses, discounts, and adjustments, or dive deeper into details for each invoice from one preview pane.

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View invoices in multiple currencies, preferred currency, and currency submitted.


Documents and files are opened directly in their associated Office application for viewing and editing with convenient check-in and check-out functionality.

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Managing information in today's digital workplace can be challenging for professionals


Access 4+ systems daily to do their job


Spend 1.5 hours searching for information every day


Only 50% of the time, they find what they need

1.2 billion users spend 60% of their time in Microsoft Office. So, it only makes sense to work where you want to work: directly in Microsoft Office using Outlook, Word, Excel, and even Powerpoint.

Manage legal workflows in Microsoft Office

“This is the single most innovative idea in the legal software space.”

- Fortune 500 Passport Client

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