Enablon Industry Hero - Beth Purcell from Colonial Pipeline
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Keeping a safety-first approach - Colonial Pipeline
Beth Purcell, Technology Business Partner at Colonial Pipeline, explains her motivations to keep safety at the forefront in her role as a pipeline professional, with the help of Enablon.

What is EHS Software?

Environmental, health and safety or EHS software solutions help companies monitor and improve their workplace safety compliance to regulations, reduce risks to workers, enhance workplace safety, and minimize environmental impacts. Typical components of EHS software include health and safety management, environmental management, occupational health management, compliance reporting and analysis, and document management.

Manage all aspects of your EHS program

  • Improve performance
  • Prevent incidents
  • Stay compliant
  • Implement a management system
  • Make informed decisions

EHS software that fits your needs

Enablon EHS software solutions are SaaS-enabled and mobile ready applications for environment, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) management to protect workers against risks and hazards, comply with regulations, conduct audits and inspections, and manage incidents. Get Enablon’s award-winning Vision platform to manage all aspects of EHS, quality, and product stewardship.

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"We’ve been able to pull in different areas: inspections, environmental permitting, incident analysis. With Enablon, we’re capturing a wealth of data that we’re able to use to make better business decisions with."

Beth Purcell
Technology Business Partner at Colonial Pipeline

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