Build business resilience while protecting the workforce from COVID-19

As the world continues to manage the health, economic, and social impacts from COVID-19, organizations need a targeted and comprehensive health and safety solution. This solution must enable organizations to protect their workforce, protect their business, and respond to changes. Protect & Respond is Enablon’s off-the-shelf comprehensive packaged software solution. Building operational resiliency by monitoring health and maintaining effective controls and procedures for COVID-19 risks is a key part of every organization’s COVID-19 strategy. Enablon’s scalable, cloud-based platform with rapid deployment capability helps organizations stay agile in managing COVID-19 response while maintaining business operations and increasing organizational readiness.


Track cases and monitor health

Enable everyone to play their part with easy-to-use and mobile capabilities. Allow employees to easily submit self-assessments to monitor for risk factors and symptoms to prevent outbreaks. Easily report COVID-19-related symptoms and provide a single, reliable source-of-truth. Manage the initial report through to investigation action plans to prevent outbreaks. Manage on-going cases including testing, contact-tracing and the return-to-work process in a single dedicated software solution. Maintain a safe culture; workers can report observations of behaviors focused on COVID-19 prevention.


Ensure compliance with new policies

Translate new or updated COVID-19 policies into actionable requirements so sites understand the impacts on operations. Convert requirements into compliance tasks to ensure policy updates are implemented at local levels. Create tasks from templates to ensure a consistent approach to policy requirements across the organization. Conduct audits with an out-of-the-box audit questionnaire based on typical policies and guidance.


Report with ease and respond effectively

Perform scheduled and ad-hoc inspections with mobile applications in facilities while online or offline. Capture non-conformances to identify gaps across individual sites or at regional or enterprise levels. Enact global action plans to manage ad-hoc issues, report on progress, and assess completion rates across the organization. Easily capture quantitative or qualitative data on key controls to support COVID-19 prevention initiatives. Utilize standard ready-to-use reports and dashboards, easily deployed for global or site-based analysis, reporting, and trending.


Keep sensitive data private and secure

Leverage the power of a purpose-built system, with dedicated capabilities for managing health data, such as user permission management, notifications, data retrieval and data removal making the tasks of meeting privacy requirements simpler.

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Discover our COVID-19 Protect & Respond Software Package9

Discover our COVID-19 Protect Respond Software Package
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Discover our COVID-19 Protect & Respond Software Package

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