One of the harder parts in the hiring process is determining exactly what you expect of your new employee. The issue arises early in the process, when you first realize that there is more to be done than you can handle alone. Among the first things you should do is to quantify the physical and mental abilities that the job you are creating will require. This can provide a number of benefits. First, it helps you establish what sort of abilities a successful applicant must have. Second, it provides a starting point for creating a position description and employment ads. Third, it will help in the process of deciding how much to offer, since jobs requiring similar abilities can be compared.

The Job Requirements Checklist contains a checklist that may be used to analyze the needs and special requirements of your business. Three distinct areas are considered: the physical abilities required, the mental abilities required, and the physical and environmental conditions in which the services will be performed.

The file is in rich text format (RTF) that is suitable for use with most word processing programs used in the Windows environment. 

Toolkit is providing these tools free of charge. Some of these forms contain technical language and create significant legal obligations. Do not use any form without first having an attorney review the form and determine that it is suitable for the purpose for which you intend it.
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