Compliance officers charged with responsibility for the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) must demonstrate to their community, their regulators and their management and board of directors that they are pursuing activities worthy of CRA credit and have successfully met CRA compliance expectations. Our consultants understand how to evaluate the result of an institution's lending, investments, and service activities and demonstrate to internal and external audiences that there are thoughtful processes in place for achieving performance.

Build your program to serve LMI communities and earn Community Reinvestment Act credits

With a deep bench of experts to draw from, our consultants will evaluate the effectiveness of your program with an eye toward serving your community and earning Community Reinvestment Act credits. Our experts can additionally provide strategic direction during critical times, such as a footprint expansion, the launch of new products or services, and exam preparation. Typical engagements for Community Reinvestment Act compliance consist of:

  • CRA Plan Development: In advance of planned merger or acquisition activity, our consultants will evaluate the impact the activity will have on the communities served and prepare a strategy for serving LMI communities in the future geography.
  • CRA Exam Preparation: Do you have the documentation examiners expect in a format that examiners can use? We can help.
  • CRA Performance Assessment: We can assess your performance using appropriate evaluation standards for your size bank or thrift.
  • CRA Performance Table and Maps: When a full performance assessment is not needed, preparation of standard Performance Evaluation (“PE”) Tables and assessment area maps offer insights into the institution’s lending record since its last CRA examination.
  • CRA Performance Reports
  • CRA Submission Assistance
  • HMDA CFPB File Preparation and Submission Services
  • HMDA Scrub: Our consultants will conduct a data integrity review and audit of HMDA and/or CRA data to fulfill requirements such as, March 1 HMDA CFPB annual submission, exam preparation, exam remediation re-submission, and routine analysis and planning.
  • Data Management Services: Monthly, quarterly, annually
    • HMDA
    • Small Businesses

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