‘Wood’ you believe it! You’ve planted a tree!
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‘Wood’ you believe it! You’ve planted a tree!

Last year we took a different approach to holiday gifting, instead of showering our contacts in branded phone chargers, packages of food, or office supplies, we planted trees! In this update, learn more about ‘Trees for All’ and the great work that is done through their foundation and get into the details of CGE Risk’s sustainability initiatives under Wolters Kluwer.

‘Trees for All’ has been around for quite some time now. The Dutch origin foundation was brought into existence over twenty years ago under a mission to expand and restore acres of forest and woodland, and this year CGE Risk has joined the initiative! Under a CBF and ANBI approved certificate number you should be able to locate your tree in the wild, as all trees will be planted locally within a year from donation. But it does not stop there!

‘Trees are for everyone’ and as such with each contribution a tree is planted not just here in The Netherlands but also abroad. When restoring tropical forests and planting new ones in countries such as Uganda, Costa Rica and Bolivia, the organization works together with the local population to set up sustainable alternatives to earn livelihoods. In The Netherlands, the trees will hit the ground from November till March and in the tropics the greenery is planted right before the start of the rainy season. In non-covid times representatives from different companies are invited to come to site, rub some dirt on it, and plant trees themselves, sadly this was not possible for 2021.

Naturally, additional trees are always welcome but what does this mean for sustainability at CGE Risk? As a member of the Wolters Kluwer family, the organization in 2020 began the development of a new three-year sustainability strategy called ENGAGE, which focuses on six areas:

Enhance employee engagement and talent management

Nurture diversity, equity, and inclusion

Grow product impact and innovation

Advance cybersecurity and data privacy

Generate a smaller environmental footprint

Enrich our communities

With this acronym in mind, all Wolters Kluwer organizations are looking to reaffirm their commitment to environmental responsibility including reducing carbon emissions from our operations. Whether through migrating applications to the cloud, building responsible supply chains, or rationalizing the need for real estate; now that the way we work and design our workstations has ever been changed.

As a risk management company, we are committed to making workstations around the globe a little safer through the work we do every day, and we believe that environmental safety is a growing part of that. As we move ahead, you will hear more about our initiatives surrounding sustainability and, because ‘together we can go further’, will inform you how you can be part of the next steps in our journey.

’Do you want to know more about our sustainability approach? Please visit this Wolters Kluwer webpage.’’

Image 1 - Proof of tree donorship, click here for a full version of the image
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