CorporateMarch 29, 2022

Cathy Wolfe featured on Lead the Team podcast

Cathy Wolfe, CEO of Wolters Kluwer Global Growth Markets, was interviewed for the Lead the Team podcast by Ben Fanning. The podcast features innovative leaders from around the world who share their top success strategies.

Cathy's Bio Image. Cathy Wolfe featured on Lead the Team podcast.

In the interview, Cathy discussed a range of topics including Wolters Kluwer’s culture, the company’s emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging with an exceptional track record of gender diversity throughout the company.

Cathy has held key leadership positions in the US and UK, with a track record of delivering strong results and innovation, working across multiple segments of Wolters Kluwer’s global portfolio.

In the interview, she discussed her career trajectory and experience as a leader in various divisions and geographies.

Cathy offered practical advice to people at all career phases looking to get ahead. “Have a plan, know your value and don’t let the turkeys get you down (negative self-talk or feedback).” She stressed the importance of curiosity in order to be innovative and collaborative.

Cathy recommends creating organic connection while working by “building strong relationships, respecting others expertise and being willing to learn from others… You never know where good ideas will come from.”

“Today, belonging and inclusion are increasingly important at companies. At work, be yourself and be yourself well.”

Listen to the Lead the Team podcast.

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