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Wolters Kluwer survey finds Americans believe GenAI is coming to healthcare but worry about content

86% of Americans surveyed say biggest GenAI in healthcare concern is lack of transparency on origin and vetting of information used.

A new Wolters Kluwer Health survey, Generative AI in Healthcare: Gaining Consumer Trust, reveals one of the biggest concerns Americans have about generative AI (GenAI) in healthcare is not knowing where the medical information being used came from or how it is validated.¹

For American health consumers, it’s all about the content

With GenAI making headlines throughout 2023, Americans are growing familiar with the technology and see its potential to improve healthcare. However almost nine out of ten Americans (86%) agree a problem with using GenAI in healthcare is not knowing where the information came from and/or how it was validated, while 82% agree another problem is that information may be coming from internet searches with no filter. Half of Americans (49%) say they are concerned GenAI might produce false information.

With certain criteria met, Americans’ concerns about GenAI being used in their healthcare start to dissipate. When asked if they would be concerned knowing that their healthcare provider was using GenAI, four out of five (80%) respondents said they would be concerned. However, that concern drops to three out of five (63%) if they knew their doctor was using GenAI that came from an established source in healthcare; that it was created by doctors and clinicians; and it was constantly being updated.

As the healthcare community begins implementing GenAI applications, they must first understand and address the concerns Americans have about it being used in their care. It will take responsible testing as well as understanding the importance of using the most current, highly vetted content developed by real medical experts to build acceptance of this new technology in clinical settings.
Greg Samios, President and CEO of Clinical Effectiveness, Wolters Kluwer Health

Findings reveal transparency on how clinical content is developed and trained by GenAI is key to building trust for healthcare:

All about the content

When asked what it would take to be comfortable with their own healthcare provider using GenAI, 86% of Americans say they would need to know medical professionals were involved in the process of creating the source content.

Reputation matters

When asked the same question, 81% say they would need to know that the company behind the GenAI has a long track record in the healthcare industry.

Transparency is key

Nine out of ten surveyed (89%) say clinicians need to be clear and transparent about the use of GenAI in healthcare.

More key data findings from the GenAI in healthcare consumer survey include:

Consumers know AI is coming

One third (34%) of Americans believe GenAI will become widely used in healthcare in the next five years, while 19% believe they will see this happen sooner, in the next one to two years.

Mixed feelings

When asked about their feelings about the technology being used in their healthcare 44% of Americans said they are concerned about GenAI in healthcare while 36% of Americans said they are curious.

Ready for some use cases

Nearly half of Americans (45%) say GenAI can help improve healthcare by reading medical tests, X-rays, or images more thoroughly and accurately. Over two in five (42%), would use GenAI as a resource for follow up questions after an appointment or to ask questions about medications when a pharmacist isn't available.

A responsible approach to healthcare GenAI

Wolters Kluwer Health recently announced the launch of AI Labs, a collaborative resource that allows healthcare providers to explore the use of GenAI within UpToDate. AI Labs is powered by UpToDate, a leading clinical decision support solution with more than 12,400 clinical topics based on the synthesis of medical literature and the experience of physician experts around the world. UpToDate is used by more than two million users at more than 44,000 healthcare organizations in over 190 countries.

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¹The survey, commissioned by Wolters Kluwer Health, was conducted online between October 27 and November 2, 2023 with 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older, designed to be representative of the total U.S. population according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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