HealthNovember 09, 2017

Wolters Kluwer new quizzing tool delivers personalized learning for Millennials and next generation medical students and residents

Wolters Kluwer Health unveiled a quizzing engine that delivers personalized learning and on-the-go insights to support how, when and where today’s medical students want to learn. The powerful quizzing tool allows students to track progress, view results and build customized quizzes to focus their training on specific subjects, topics or areas of weakness. It’s an important addition to contemporary medical education, which supports mobile access and tailors content to ensure medical students and residents more easily learn and retain information that prepares them for clinical practice.

This highly intuitive, interactive quizzing engine is available as part of the LWW Health Library, a proven online platform providing immediate and searchable access to the most widely used evidence-based textbooks, case studies, multi-media and self-assessment for medical, pharmacy and other health sciences educational programs. The new quizzing capability delivers value to medical and allied health educators and students alike by moving beyond the traditional static quizzing models that are less effective with next-generation medical students.

Research, including studies published by the American Psychological Association, demonstrates that the traditional, formal chapter-by-chapter approach to learning is less effective with 21st Century students. Instead, they fare better with an experiential and exploratory approach that incorporates multimedia, collaboration, personalized and customized assignments, which build foundational knowledge and increase retention. Active learning approaches have also been associated with greater academic achievement. For example, a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) Online found that active learning increased exam performance while lecturing increased failure rates.

“Our goal is to deliver expert solutions that ensure students are prepared for practice on day one of their professional careers,” said Jayne Marks, Vice President, Global Publishing and Products, Health Learning, Research & Practice, Wolters Kluwer. “Quizzing is a critical component of the learning experience, which makes our engine a powerful addition to Health Library’s vetted content resources that educators and medical students use today to enhance the learning experience. We’re now able to offer students greater opportunities to customize quizzes by selecting from thousands of text-agnostic questions, each of which has been assigned to a subject, topic and subtopics.”

Students can quiz themselves, with the flexibility to simulate a timed test-taking experience at high or granular levels depending on what they want and need, with analytics that track performance results. Quiz results are also stored on the student’s personal dashboard, which provides cumulative, cross-subject, topic, and sub-topic metrics that allow them to track progress over time and identify areas of strength and weakness, so study time is spent efficiently.

Click here to learn more about the new self-assessment quizzing feature available in the LWW Health Library.

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