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HealthSeptember 20, 2018

Wolters Kluwer launches newest version of surveillance solution amid growing threat of superbugs

Wolters Kluwer, Health, released today the newest version of its industry-leading clinical surveillance solution, Sentri7®. The solution gives hospitals tools and resources to stay in front of new and emerging clinical challenges and battle the antibiotic-resistant bacteria that are taking a toll on patient safety and hospital costs. In an April 2018 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 221 instances of unusual resistance of so-called nightmare bacteria that are virtually invulnerable to most known treatments.

“Battling these antibiotic-resistant superbugs calls for new and more advanced ways of detecting them and treating patients,” said Karen Kobelski, General Manager of Safety and Surveillance at Wolters Kluwer, Health. “We have a decade of knowledge, learnings and outcomes that allow us to deliver a platform that is smarter and tuned to workflows of frontline clinicians and the speed at which they need to make decisions. The latest release of Sentri7 on the SoleSource™ platform will help hospitals and health systems adopt even more advanced surveillance practices.”

Sentri7 is part of a suite of applications that have been integrated into the SoleSource platform, which brings together solutions that address a wide range of clinical surveillance challenges and compliance activities across a hospital or health system. It makes it easier for clinicians to proactively identify patients who may be experiencing a life-threatening condition or quickly find and respond to an infection before it spreads.

Newly released surveillance capabilities include:

  • The integration of clinical initiatives on the SoleSource platform for antimicrobial stewardship, medication management, infection prevention and opioid management. The platform also contains POC Advisor®, a dedicated surveillance module for sepsis and other emergent conditions.
  • Out-of-the-box, evidence-based content including alerts and recommended actions for real-time prioritization of urgent conditions and follow-up for patients at-risk.
  • Integrated documentation provides a one-click solution to push clinical notes into the EHR, keeping the full care team on the same page while eliminating double documentation.
  • Robust analytics create an environment for continuous improvement by enabling clinicians and administrators to understand how their interventions are driving measurable improvement in cost and outcomes performance.

Real-time and predictive

Understanding the impact on outcomes has been a gap in clinical surveillance solutions. The SoleSource platform offers new analytics that give hospitals control of intuitive views of their outcomes, supporting reporting within the department, at the facility level and across a health system.

“The hospitals across our system are preparing for Joint Commission accreditation, which really requires that we have easy access to the metrics to respond to data stewardship questions and validate the information we’re using,” explained Nathan Everson, Infectious Diseases Clinical Pharmacist at Carilion Clinic, a healthcare organization based in Roanoke, VA caring for nearly 1 million residents. “With the sheer volume of data across a multi-hospital system like ours, we’ve got to have confidence that it’s accurate and trustworthy – and we do with Sentri7’s analytics. We also know we can pull the data quickly without a lot of trial and error.”

Everson and the pharmacy team also provide guidance to the hospitals’ quality staff on which key performance metrics should be tracked and reported year-over-year. Everson added, “We can now connect our clinical activities to the impact we’re having on performance and that is going to be a game changer for us.”

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