HealthMarch 03, 2015

Wolters Kluwer announces partnership with Society of Pediatric Nurses to review pediatric content in Lippincott solutions

Society Experts to Confirm Existing and Future Pediatric Content in Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures.

Wolters Kluwer, a leading global provider of information and point-of-care solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced a partnership with the Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) to review pediatric-specific content for the Lippincott Solutions software suite.  With a membership comprised of more than 3,500 pediatric nurses, SPN is the premier pediatric nursing society in the U.S.

"This partnership with Wolters Kluwer is an excellent opportunity to promote the profession of pediatric nursing by joining the expertise of the Society of Pediatric Nurses with that of Lippincott Solutions," said Shirley A. Wiggins, PhD, RN, President, Society of Pediatric Nursing. 

The SPN leadership team is selecting a core group of 70 subject-matter experts from its membership to review the pediatric content in Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures, two of the leading clinical decision support software solutions used by nurses and other clinicians at the bedside. The SPN team will ensure that all of the evidence-based content conforms to the best practice guidelines supported by leading pediatric nursing experts. SPN will also work closely with Wolters Kluwer on an ongoing basis to identify and develop additional topics in pediatric care for inclusion in the two products.

"We've been successfully using Lippincott Procedures for several years," said Jennifer Lombardi, who works as the Hospital Standards Coordinator at the University of Kansas Hospital and is also an SPN Board member. "Our nurses value that the content is specifically written to pediatric, newborn, and neonatal patients, unlike other solutions tailored to adult patients with mention of the differences with children."

Both products currently include more than 700 evidence-based content entries geared toward the care of children. Categories include more than 300 pediatric procedures, and more than 400 pediatric diseases and conditions, nursing care plans and pediatric treatments. Giving immediate, at-the-bedside access to current, evidence-based information, the software is widely deployed at Children's hospitals and general hospitals with Pediatric departments.

"Pediatric care is one of the key components of our vision and ambition," said Susan Driscoll, President, Nursing, Wolters Kluwer, Professional and Education. "Partnering with the Society of Pediatric Nursing ensures that our pediatric content reflects the best evidence-based practices and is aligned to the specific guidelines established by SPN on the care of children."

The first set of SPN-approved content is to be incorporated into both products before the end of the year. Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures are part of Lippincott Solutions, which is a series of comprehensive, integrated software applications that includes advanced online workflow technology, current evidence-based clinical information, and professional development tools for the practicing nurse and associated clinicians.

To learn more about how these products are benefitting organizations today, please visit Lippincott Solutions. A subset of content from Lippincott Advisor is also published in the Lippincott Nursing Advisor App (diseases, treatments, tests, signs and symptoms) and the Nursing Drug Handbook App (drugs), available through the iTunes and Google Play stores. Follow Lippincott Solutions on Twitter @NurseSolutions.

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