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HealthOctober 03, 2019

Wolters Kluwer advances the digital transformation of nursing education with its Enhanced Lippincott CoursePoint+ solution

Wolters Kluwer, Health announced today the release of a significantly enhanced version of its leading digital education solution, Lippincott® CoursePoint+, to help nursing education programs graduate practice-ready nurses, armed with confidence in their clinical judgement and ability to apply their education to the delivery of quality patient care. Lippincott CoursePoint+ now features more engaging learning tools, deeper analytics and reporting tools to make curriculum-wide learning more efficient by meeting students where they are in the learning curve.

Originally released in 2013, Lippincott CoursePoint was the first-to-market integrated, digital nursing education solution that continues to deliver the industry’s most trusted content and resources, including case studies and real-time data. The enhancements support both Lippincott CoursePoint and the premium CoursePoint+ solution introduced in 2015.

“Today’s nursing students need a learning platform that is engaging and can adapt to how they want to learn. They want to learn more efficiently with content that captures their attention and, through access to real-time data that tracks progress, provides actionable insights into how assigned activities apply to their course of study,” said Julie Stegman, Vice President Nursing Segment, Health Learning, Research and Practice, Wolters Kluwer. “We redesigned CoursePoint+ to meet all those needs, as well as the needs of nurse educators for more powerful tools and insights that let them adapt their approach on the fly to meet students’ needs—all with the same innovation and unmatched support they’ve come to expect from Wolters Kluwer digital learning solutions.”

The transformative new Lippincott CoursePoint+ platform is designed with practice-ready nursing in mind and allows seamless navigation for both students and instructors. For students, it offers a more personalized learning approach that gives students access to content and tools at the moment they need them. It provides data for more focused remediation and lets students “own” their learning by allowing them to choose the types of assets that best fit their learning style—all of which helps boost their confidence and competence while feeling more empowered in their learning. Further, easy-to-use tools and activities prepare students for point-of-care clinical decision-making, while varying levels of case studies, virtual simulation and access to Lippincott® Advisor help them learn the critical thinking and clinical judgment skills needed to practice under pressure.

For instructors, Lippincott CoursePoint+ delivers more engaging content and a wide variety of learning tools to engage students of all learning styles. It helps incorporate active learning strategies into the classroom and provides unparalleled reporting that lets them track student progress, identify strengths and weaknesses and determine where remediation is needed. This helps enhance student performance by providing actionable insights that allow instructors to pinpoint which students need help at exactly which point in the curriculum so they can personalize their teaching style and increase efficiency in the classroom.

In addition to integrated reporting from advanced tools in the product including adaptive quizzing with PrepU, vSim for Nursing’s simulated patient interaction tool, and other learning activities that help instructors and students alike pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and then adjust teaching and studying, CoursePoint reporting features include:

  • Easy-to-use evaluation tools
  • Additional reporting with Curriculum Insights that delivers more details about students’ understanding of core, curricular-spanning nursing concerns
  • Assignability and visibility into progress and completions
  • Ways to measure student outcomes (e.g. mastery level and specific misconception reports) and compare performance to a national student pool.

More information on the new CoursePoint+ can be accessed here.

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