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Wolters Kluwer’s Enablon and CGE launch new EHS and risk solutions to support community in managing COVID-19

New solutions can be deployed immediately free of charge; delivered through dedicated COVID-19 online client portal.

Wolters Kluwer’s Enablon, a global leader in Integrated Risk, Operational Risk and EHS Management software, is helping customers manage the COVID-19 risks and impacts, by launching free new features, templates and configuration packages, based on guidelines published by The World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CGE Risk Management Solutions is offering a BowTie template to the EHS & Risk community that will help visualize and understand COVID-19 related risks.

“For 20 years, Enablon’s mission has been to support organizations to be more responsible, productive and safe with innovative EHS and Risk technology. As many organizations face challenging times and are managing the COVID-19 situation, we believe it is our duty to give back to our EHS & Risk community. Collectively, we can make a positive impact,” said Taylor Allis, Vice President at Enablon. “We have used guidance from WHO, CDC, and other health organizations to deliver the new COVID-19 solutions around risk management, emergency preparedness, incident management, compliance, health & safety communications, and reporting to our customer base.”

The new COVID-19 offerings are organized in four main categories:

1. Proactive risk planning

Giving customers the ability to ensure they have the proper risks identified and controls in place to further reduce the impact COVID-19 could have on their employees, business operations and supply chain.

CGE Risk Management Solutions is making a BowTie template available that organizations can use to create their own easy to understand, visual risk management model. Bowties are applicable to any risk and commonly used in high-hazard industries to understand and manage occupational safety, process safety and other business risks. In these times of turmoil, bowties can also help us visualize how COVID-19 can infect people and affect business continuity and performance.

The COVID-19 BowTie template is available here.

2. Incident & event management

Giving customers the ability to detect and act on COVID-19 related events as they occur in real-time. Solutions include new COVID-19 response related features and workflows for event reporting, impact analysis, and Mobile App observations.

3. COVID-19 preparedness compliance

Enabling customers to ensure employees, contractors, and supply-chain vendors are following preparedness and risk mitigation plans on a global scale. Solutions include new compliance templates, inspection checklist and survey templates.

4. Communications and preparedness reporting

Providing customers with the ability to push educational content to the field, as well as provide dashboards and reporting to executive leadership teams on the preparedness and status of their global operations. Solutions include new report templates, dashboards, Mobile App COVID-19 alerts and text, image and video content for sharing with end-users.

The new Enablon solutions can be deployed immediately free of charge and are being delivered through a dedicated COVID-19 online client portal.

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