Tax & AccountingNovember 14, 2019

Cloud-based CCH Axcess™ Solution from Wolters Kluwer helps tax & accounting professionals at BWC & Associates, Inc. achieve peak performance

In the first profile in its series showcasing future-ready firms that are achieving peak performance by embracing digital transformation, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting spotlights BWC & Associates, Inc., a firm founded 20 years ago in San Antonio, Texas that offers accounting, business and individual tax, as well as estate and trust tax services to a broad range of clients.   When deciding how to modernize its operations to offer partners and staff better work/life balance, improve productivity and enhance its client services, BWC & Associates, Inc. chose CCH Axcess™ – the tax and accounting profession’s first modular, cloud-based tax preparation, compliance and firm management solution built from the ground up – for all of its tax preparation needs. Its integrated central database offers a single point of access from anywhere, at any time to handle all tasks associated with the tax process – from return preparation and compliance to file storage and practice management.

“CCH Axcess gives us a lot of flexibility and allows us to see everything in one place, which helps keep us better organized across all client engagements,” said Kylene Carse, CPA, Managing Partner at BWC & Associates, Inc. “Being able to see everything that's going on, whether it's client data or the projects, and having seamless integration between the different modules has been a really great way to keep us all productive and on the same page.”

The firm migrated from the CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax on-premise solution to the full, cloud-based CCH Axcess™ platform, including CCH Axcess™ Tax, CCH Axcess™ Document, CCH Axcess™ Portal, CCH Axcess™ Practice, and CCH Axcess™ Workstream modules. The ability to enter client data only once and have it spread across all documents, to work on projects from anywhere, at any time, and to connect and collaborate with clients in real time, are just a few of the reasons BWC & Associates, Inc. chose to make the switch.

“Earlier this fall, the Houston Astros were playing at home in the League Championship Series, so my husband and I wanted to take our kids to see the game, but it was just two days before a filing deadline,” said Carse. “The cloud-based CCH Axcess suite allowed me to work from our car the whole way down to Houston, go to the game, and then work the whole way back on the next day. I had a good time with the kids but still got about 10 returns done in the process. It's been a huge freedom for us to be able to do what we love personally, but also continue to work and provide for our clients.”

CCH Axcess is the accountant’s indispensable platform for work/life balance, productivity and efficiency, talent acquisition and retention, and improved customer experience. Its adoption is growing across the profession as Peak Performing Firms embrace integrated cloud solutions, built to work the way they do.

“As technology renders the world an increasingly digital experience, exceptional client relationships and services will be key differentiators between firms,” said Jim McGinnis, EVP and General Manager, US Professional Market, Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting North America. “To achieve peak performance and enable long-term success, firms will need to fully embrace digital transformation and modernize so they can attract top talent, strengthen client relationships, and build more efficient workflows to drive higher productivity.”

Watch this short video to learn more about why BWC & Associates, Inc. chose the award-winning CCH Axcess platform to be more efficient, increase staff productivity, and strike the right work/life balance for its employees. To hear additional stories from firms that are achieving peak performance with CCH Axcess, please click here.

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