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Tax & AccountingJune 08, 2021

The Agile Accountant: Responding to a Changing Landscape

The 2020 pandemic forced many CPA firms to pivot into remote work on the fly. Some were initially uncomfortable adapting to this way of working; others that were already investing in technology and digitizing their processes had a much easier time. 

This sudden shift brought many challenges for firm management and communication. Yet it also helped people realize the benefits of being in the cloud, eliminating commutes, automating routine processes and leveraging digital collaboration tools to deepen relationships with clients and coworkers.

We know now that 2020 was not a blip on the radar. Even as firms reopen their physical offices, most intend to maintain the best parts of their virtual offices.

In this white paper, we're sharing the strategies and resources top firms are using to not only survive but grow and thrive in these unpredictable times.

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