Webinar The After Life of Arbitral Proceedings: Finding Finality
LegalJune 13, 2024

Webinar The Afterlife of Arbitral Proceedings: Finding Finality

Among the cornerstone reasons that international arbitration is often preferred by users over national court litigation are the finality of the proceedings and enforceability of the resulting arbitral award. In the next webinar hosted by Wolters Kluwer, ‘The After Life of Arbitral Proceedings: Finding Finality’, our expert speakers will explore finality and enforceability from various perspectives. They will touch upon the lis pendens doctrine, and how it may come into play to strike a balance between the authority of courts and arbitral tribunals while arbitration proceedings are ongoing. They will also consider the afterlife of an arbitral award once it is issued, including the various grounds of the New York Convention that can be invoked to permit a party to resist its enforcement when it is presented to a national court. Several of the speakers will preview the important considerations and practical guidance presented in their forthcoming contributions to Kluwer Arbitration’s Practical Insights tool.

Kluwer Arbitration - Practical Insights

Provide guidance to the most pressing and challenging issues in the international arbitration process, from interim measures to enforcement of awards, presented in a concise, step-by-step format. Learn more about Practical Insights, the New York Convention Tool and other practical tools.
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The Afterlife of Arbitral Proceedings: Finding Finality
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