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Simplifying Product Compliance in the Supply Chain - Cooper Standard Success Story  

Organizations are part of supply chains. They need to manage suppliers, and manage expectations from their own clients. Being both a client to upstream suppliers and a supplier to downstream clients increases complexity, especially with regards to product compliance. That’s the complexity faced by Cooper Standard, a leading global supplier of sealing, fuel and brake delivery, and fluid transfer systems for the automotive industry.

As a leading provider of parts to the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, Cooper Standard has to manage requests for declarations on specific parts, changes to the list of substances of very high concern (SVHC) and other regulatory lists, as well as impacts from the changes. They used to manage things manually, which was not an effective approach. They turned to Enablon to simplify the process.

Enablon Applications

Action Plan Management Software, Chemical Management Software

The Company

Cooper Standard, headquartered in Northville, Mich. USA, is a leading global supplier of systems and components for the automotive industry. Products include sealing, fuel and brake delivery, and fluid transfer systems. Cooper Standard employs approximately 28,000 people globally and operates in 21 countries around the world.

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