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Retail/Online Business License Wizard

Receive retail licensing, permit and tax registration applications instantly

Businesses in the Retail, Online, Second-hand and Temporary/Traveling vendor industries are regulated by countless state and local authorities often requiring additional licensing if selling pets, handling food or selling regulated goods such as tobacco. Most establishments, from clothing stores to home businesses and e-commerce websites need to be properly licensed before they can start operating. Our Retail & Online License Wizard performs this research in real-time and takes you straight to the ones you need instantly.

How the wizard works

You provide basic information about your business, and we do the rest:

Research all licensing and permit requirements at every level (including general, specialty and regulated businesses) as well as tax registrations (sales tax, use tax, withholding tax, etc.)

Provide a free preview listing the number of licenses, permits and tax registrations might be relevant to your business - you'll have the option to purchase the full report delivered via email

Send you an email with links, instructions and applicable documentation for every application, along with contact information for each respective licensing authority

Industry background

Most retail and online businesses require some type of general license before allowed to operate legally. All businesses will need some sort of license to comply with mandates for the business activity, safety and (unless exempt) taxation. Businesses such as food establishments, pawn shops and pet shops may require additional licensing. Requirements may also vary by the way in which business is transacted such as obtaining a Certificate of Authority (also called Foreign Qualification) if you are doing business in another state. Failure to obtain proper licensing could leave you with penalties such as a lack of legal protection as well as criminal penalties, ranging from fines to jail time.

Note: You cannot incorporate your business through this tool, but we offer that service too!
A common misconception is that the obtainment of licensing turns your company into an LLC, corporation, or other official entity with the state. If you'd like to incorporate, visit our Incorporation Options page.

Note: Certain industries are highly regulated by government agencies, and often incur greater licensing requirements.
Examples of highly regulated industries are agriculture, animal related, hazardous materials, education, explosives & firearms, etc. In such cases, we recommend using our Business License Application Package.

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