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LegalDecember 08, 2020

Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions recognizes legal innovators using technology to improve legal and business outcomes

The corporate legal industry has embraced technological innovation to improve both legal and business outcomes. Forward-thinking organizations have turned to technologies to improve law firm and contract management, legal spend, and more.

These are the organizations we salute every year through our Legal Innovators Award. This year, we’re thrilled to recognize the work of three Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions clients who are using technology in unique and innovative ways to transform their legal operations departments. These individuals and their teams have pushed the boundaries of best practices in the corporate legal space and, in so doing, have driven exceptional outcomes within their organizations.

The winners of the Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions 2020 Legal Innovators Award are:

Dan Winkler, Director, Claims Legal Support, Westfield Insurance

Westfield Insurance implemented an in-depth law firm evaluation program through TyMetrix® 360° to identify performance and improvement opportunities among external counsel. Dan and his team set up multiple methods in TyMetrix 360° to monitor performance and provide feedback to partners. Those methods included a counsel report card, billing observations, and yearly counsel roster reviews. The information gathered allowed Westfield Insurance to have focused and honest discussions with their law firm partners for continuous improvement and value.

Ron Denton, Legal Business Manager, Phillips 66

Phillips 66 used Passport® to significantly improve the company’s workflow, data integrity, and litigation management processes. Ron and his team developed a customized module in Passport that allowed them to collect, process, and report required Medicare information, creating enormous efficiency savings. They also developed a litigation management process and integrated it with Passport, allowing for better case assessment, risk analysis, budget management, and more, leading to improved and more accurate decision-making.

Mike Stein, Senior Project Manager, QVC

QVC used a variety of solutions, including Passport, LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer, and CLM Matrix, to obtain a complete view into their legal spend and improve matter and contract management. Implementing these technologies allowed QVC’s corporate legal professionals to become more efficient and focused. The technologies also led to improved collaboration across the organization, clear and enhanced visibility into contract status, more efficient workflow processes, and better adherence to billing guidelines.

Congratulations to our award recipients! Each of them has truly shown how to use technology — not just legal expertise — to improve efficiency and ROI for their organizations.

For more information, including a deeper dive into the efforts of each of these companies, be sure to check out ELM Amplify, our virtual user conference, which features interviews with the 2020 Legal Innovators Award winners as part of the Welcome to ELM Amplify on-demand session.

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