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ComplianceLegalJune 07, 2022

Legal outsourcing outlook 2022

Legal management and corporate compliance: Outsourcing perspectives, trends, and predictions

For leading companies, the question is no longer if you should outsource services: A full 93% of legal departments already rely on a network of legal and compliance service providers to handle a broad range of activities. This research, conducted by American Lawyer Media (ALM), with added perspectives from the experts at Wolters Kluwer, these insights can help legal operations and corporate compliance heads make more informed, strategic decisions in the year ahead.

Legal outsourcing outlook 2022


A data-driven look at the top outsourcing trends in corporate legal and corporate compliance today

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Spotlights on tech strategy, corporate compliance management, choosing the right providers, keen insights, what matters most…all based on real industry research!

Key topics covered:

  • Why: The outsourcing imperative
  • What: Frequently outsourced activities
  • Who: Going beyond traditional partners
  • How: Unpacking selection criteria
  • What’s next: Trends and challenges

Outsourcing can differentiate your legal department and improve capacity without increasing overhead.  Delegating time-consuming and mundane tasks allows for attention to more meaningful work.

Corporate compliance outsourcing outlook 2022


Top outsourcing trends in corporate entity compliance today

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