Tax & AccountingJuly 09, 2021

How K·Coe Isom Improves Audit Efficiency and Quality


The Integrated Audit Approach provides a workflow that aligns tightly with the AICPA standards and is designed to break from the “checklist mentality,” where continually following predefined steps discourages auditors from critical thinking. Audit quality is foundational to this strategy — with a focus on risk assessment and documentation.

Not only does the solution and its focused approach improve quality, it also helps K·Coe Isom gain significant efficiencies. For example, the firm’s audits now focus on relevant risk areas and nothing more. Additionally, many processes can be completed with a click of a button.

K·Coe Isom has always been an early adopter and plans to continue being so by implementing the CCH Axcess™ Audit solutions as they roll out.

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