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Income tax withholding reporting and payment rules by state

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Employers in states with an income tax have state payroll tax withholding obligations. Multi-state employment withholding may be governed by reciprocal agreements between states.
For the states imposing a personal income tax, the information includes:

  • A general statement about your obligation to withhold the state's tax from wages you pay to resident and nonresident employees
  • Links to downloadable copies of the federal Form W-4 and the state's equivalent withholding exemption certificate, if available
  • A listing of the other states, if any, with which the selected state has entered reciprocal agreements
  • The contact information for the agency that administers the state's withholding tax
  • A listing of the local jurisdictions, if any, where you may have a withholding or payment obligation if you have employees

For a detailed summary about income tax as it relates to withholding payroll tax, we have the following article: Understanding Payroll Tax Payment and Filing Requirements

If you are looking for payroll tax obligations specific to your state or jurisdiction, please visit the respective secretary of state or department of taxation government sites. 

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