HealthMarch 01, 2023

Implementing 2023 updates to your Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

This year we have seen numerous changes to hospital accreditation standards as it pertains to antimicrobial stewardship. From updates to the Medicare Promoting Interoperability Incentive Program as it relates to antimicrobial use and resistance reporting to expanded antimicrobial stewardship standards for The Joint Commission, how do you keep up?

In this webinar, busy clinicians will learn what’s needed to meet these requirements and take advantage of what these programs have to offer your hospital to improve patient care and maximize incentives.

In this webinar, the following is discussed:

  • Recent updates to The Joint Commission Medication Management Standards on Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • How the regulatory landscape has evolved pertaining to antimicrobial usage monitoring and NHSN AUR submissions
  • Steps to implement a data collection and analysis plan to satisfy the updated standards
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Manager of Pharmacy Services and Fellowship Director
Dr. Steve Mok has over a decade of experience in the areas of antimicrobial stewardship, infectious diseases and clinical pharmacy management. He has practiced in a variety of settings.
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