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How a Large Chemicals Manufacturer Reduced LOTO Preparation by 98%

How to find new efficiencies in LOTO preparation with e-permits

Under the old permit system, even if operators were following a process designed to safeguard their activities, the process was inefficient. Drafting and authorizing permits and lockout tagout (LOTO) procedures took a lot of time, which took operators away from the plant and reduced hands on tool time. Multiple permits were required for the same job, and audits of the process revealed many incomplete permits and missing documentation.

Because of Enablon Control of Work, the chemicals company was able to improve their working process, decrease risk in the plant and better demonstrate compliance to their now standardized procedures. The Enablon Control of Work system made it easy to pre-plan isolations and permitting of routine tasks and turnarounds, and helped with shift changeover by providing at-a-glance permit information.


The company is a fully integrated chemicals manufacturer that delivers best-in-class products in the industries of nylon 6 resin, chemical intermediates, and ammonium sulfate fertilizer. The company is integral to the manufacturing of many everyday products, from engineering plastics and construction resins to carpet fiber and food packaging.

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