Follow The Road to Compliance Success in 2020
ComplianceOctober 20, 2020

Follow the road to compliance success in 2021 (Infographic)

Today’s regulatory landscape is more complex, as state and local governments expand compliance requirements, raise fees and increase enforcement efforts. Even the most dedicated and conscientious business can find it overwhelming to keep up with the constantly new and changing requirements.

Do you know what business changes trigger a compliance action for your corporation or LLC?

Do you know what to take care of in 2021 to maintain compliance as your business grows and evolves?

Starting the year off right means carrying out certain responsibilities—having all of the checks and balances in place and a plan to guide you throughout the year.

Use this roadmap to help ensure that you’re prepared for all U.S. and global compliance issues.

  • Check for inactive entities to avoid unnecessary compliance obligations.
  • Clear unnecessary tax obligations off the books.
  • Avoid delays at the year-end closing table.
  • Secure important name reservations and renewals.
  • Make sure business licenses and permits reflect all changes to the business—done and planned.
  • Confirm good standing status so planned deals are ready to go in the new year.
Follow The Road to Compliance Success in 2020
Follow the Road to Compliance Success
Refer to this roadmap throughout the year to help ensure that all U.S. and global compliance matters are in-check as your business grows and evolves.
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