Doing Business in Brazil
ComplianceDecember 17, 2019

Country Guide: Brazil

Brazil is the ninth-largest economy in the world and the largest economy in Latin America. It also has one of the most robust manufacturing sectors in the Americas and accounts for one-third of the Americas’ GDP. The government is actively working to create trust with investors by creating a stable business environment.

Brazil has a sizable domestic market with extensive natural resources and a diversified economy that makes it less vulnerable to international volatility. The country is part of a group of developing nations that economists believe will become dominant suppliers of manufactured goods, services and raw materials by 2050.

The country is located favorably for companies wanting to do business in South America. The government is also looking to implement new policies targeted at attracting more investors through streamlined rules and regulations.

However, conducting business in Brazil includes a variety of considerations—everything from understanding legal entity operations and tax regulations to complying with local licensing requirements. This guide leverages CT Corporation’s extensive experience in this region to share a better understanding of doing business in Brazil while ensuring compliance.

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