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Buyers Guide: Internal Audit Management System

90% of business leaders' priorities can only be achieved with the help of technology.

This guide is intended to help audit departments understand, prepare for, and purchase an audit management system. The goal is to provide the head of an audit department with an understanding of what an audit management system is, how it works, and how it can benefit his or her department. Once an understanding of an audit management system has been established, it is important to decide which vendor and solution are right for your organization. The next phase is to gain buy-in from management and work with the various departments in the organization that help make the dream of an audit management system a reality. The last phase is the preparation of the implementation once the solution has been acquired.

Download our Buyer's Guide to see if you're ready for an Audit Management System, identify your audit needs and vendor requirements, and learn more about the return on investment in an Audit Management System.

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