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ComplianceFinanceAugust 31, 2021

ADI Capital & Regulatory Reforms: Is there an efficient pathway to get there?

Live Webinar

Date: 30 September 2021
Time: 1:30 PM (GMT+10)
Duration: 1.5 hour
Venue: Online

In less than two years, an unprecedented regulatory change will hit the financial institutions in Australia, bringing a string of new standards for banks and placing pressure on the bank's internal resources, systems and data architectures to the point of breaking.

The ADI Capital Reforms will undoubtedly affect capital requirements for financial institutions and force firms to consider a more data-driven and forward-looking approach in risk management, financial and regulatory reporting.

However, it is not the only driver of change. Whilst the APRA ADI capital reforms will embed the industry's 'unquestionably strong' capital position and improve the bank's framework's to respond during periods of stress flexibly, banks will also need to address the implementation of the proposed reporting standard ARS 220. Together, they will impact approaches to the following: Credit exposures, New aggregated and granular data collections and Open Data Exchange (APRA CONNECT), new standards for risk-weighted assets (RWA), Large Exposures, Pillar II (ICAAP), Stress Testing scenarios, demonstration of ESG outcomes, Market risk capital components (FRTB) and Counterparty credit risk exposures ("SA-CCR").

Ultimately, the right approach in optimising resource, data and systems architecture can underpin and synergise the complexities of the regulatory agenda and the banks' internal priorities.

Join these renowned experts as they discuss and provide insights to:

  • Embrace the great opportunity to improve your overall risk, finance, and regulatory reporting management framework
  • Put the spotlight on global best practices, case studies, and lessons learnt from jurisdictions that have undergone similar regulatory requirements.
  • Uncover an efficient pathway to a hyper-converged architecture


Nicole Karsten

Nicole Karsten
Director, PwC Australia

Jeffrey Choo
Jeffrey CHOO
Director, PwC Australia
Donna Vinci

Donna-Maree Vinci,
Non-Executive Director & Executive Strategic Advisor, Financial Services
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Xavier Dubois

Xavier Dubois
Director, Risk & Finance, Wolters Kluwer FRR
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