HealthSeptember 21, 2020

5 Forces for the Future: Transparency and trust underpin best evidence of the moment

A flood of research and unparalleled urgency have necessitated a best-evidence-of-the-moment approach, one where providers have direct access to emerging information distilled at head-spinning speeds to support clinical decision making. Speed balanced with rigorous expert validation and transparency will provide clinicians with accurate, actionable data.

In mid-June 2020, two prominent COVID-19 study retractions sparked nationwide headlines, threatening the credibility of a few of the most widely respected medical journals in the world. The pandemic also has led to expanded publicity of findings in very early stages of research, causing confusion among consumers and clinicians alike over talked-about treatments.

Despite the scrutiny, randomized controlled trials and peer-reviewed publications remain the gold standard for bringing new therapies into practice. But the process takes time. In the meantime, clinicians face critical knowledge gaps.

Clinicians make decisions for care and management every day making it imperative that they have timely access to guidance that synthesizes the best available evidence augmented by the wisdom of clinical experts and other relevant information sources that should have a bearing on clinical decision making. This has shifted the paradigm to one where it is the best evidence of the moment that matters.

Learn more in part 2 of our "5 Forces for the Future" series: Transparency and trust underpin best evidence of the moment

Learn how best evidence of the moment can equip providers with timely, reliable treatment recommendations in part two of our series.

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5 Forces for the Future
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