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Tax & AccountingOctober 20, 2022

3 ways to get the most out of your practice management system

Is your firm's practice management system creating chaos in your organization?

Is your staff finding it time-consuming, requiring manual compilation of data from multiple sources, reformatting, and manipulation?

Since it touches all parts of your firm, firm management software can set the tone for the technology culture in your organization.

What is a practice management system?

Simply put, a practice management system helps you better manage your firm. 

A modernized practice management system makes time tracking easy to use and implement, simplifies billing and invoicing clients, and centralizes data for firm-wide reporting.

When your firm implements a modernized time-tracking system that is easy for your staff to use, it not only saves them time implementing and tracking their hours, it decreases the chances of human error saving you money and hassle down the line.

Future-focused practice management systems simplify billing and invoicing clients which can result in immediate billing and invoicing as soon as your project is complete so your project fees get paid faster by the client.

Another benefit of using modernized practice management systems is that they can centralize data for firm-wide reporting. In the digital age, there’s no shortage of data. But without a plan to leverage the information you need to meet your goals, how valuable is it? 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Technology is growing rapidly and improved technology tools can be the one thing you implement into your organization that allows you to massively grow and scale in the coming years.

We have seen practice management systems evolve out of basic time and billing software, but modern firms need a practice management system that goes beyond time tracking and invoice creation. 

A future-focused firm management systems should include tools for on-screen billing, invoice creation, and editing; accounts receivable, including e-payments; and reporting.

A modern practice management system has to go beyond the basics

Your practice management system should support firm-wide growth goals through simplified and streamlined processes while providing data-driven insights. 

In this eBook, we’ll discuss three detailed ways your firm’s practice management system can help you do just this by:

  • Implementing easy-to-use time tracking 
  • Simplifying billing & invoicing clients
  • Centralizing data for firm-wide reporting

Learn how your firm can maximize billable hours and streamline administrative work using modern practice management systems; complete the form below to download the ebook. 

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