Diversity in medical education: creating bias-free educational materials and learning environments

Presented on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 | 1 Hour
Across medical education, instructors, scientists, and clinicians often struggle to understand how to teach their material in a bias-free and inclusive manner. Yasmin Carter, PhD, anatomist and diversity advocate, UMass Chan Medical School, discussed initiatives that deconstruct the concerns of faculty about development of appropriate, bias-free educational materials and learning environments.

Join for a look at why our learning materials need a fresh perspective and how to initiate this in your classroom or program. Whether it’s an anatomy or basic sciences class, one of the best ways for non-experts to include diversity content in their curriculum is to think about context, the words we speak, and the images we use.

About the speaker

Yasmin Carter, PhD
Yasmin Carter, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Yasmin Carter, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Translational Anatomy and Founding Director of the Innovations Lab at the UMass Chan Medical School. Dr. Carter is Director of Scholarship and Impact for the UMMS Diversity, Representation, and Inclusion for Value in Education (DRIVE) initiative, which focuses on providing training and support to faculty for building appropriate, bias-free educational materials and learning environments.

Dr. Carter is a core anatomy faculty member in the Development, Structure, and Function course for first-year medical students. Her interests focus on incorporating diversity and inclusion as a lens to view the entire medical curriculum. With a mission to advance health equity for gender minorities, Dr. Carter created a module introducing the basic concepts of sex and gender into anatomical curriculums, which has been shared internationally.

Dr. Carter completed her PhD at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, her master's degree at the University of Manitoba, Canada, and her undergraduate studies at the University of Bristol, England. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Medical Imaging at the Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, Canada.

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