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Meet the highest security requirements

Confidential data and documents are stored and processed in a secure, redundant cloud environment. The entire Kleos environment is protected against unauthorized access with industry-leading solutions and ensures the protection of your data - your law firm's most valuable asset - by using the latest encryption methods at the highest level in an ISO 27001 certified data centre.

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Full control over user rights and access
Grant access to cases and documents according to how your law firm is organised. Manage read/write rights, and track who has accessed what with complete audit trails.
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Stay compliant with GDPR
Kleos provides you with the necessary means to fulfill requests regarding personal data, and carry out your communication and reporting obligations. Kleos is always updated to meet the real-life needs of lawyers and to comply with local regulations.
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Reduce risk with end-to-end digital workflows
Share personal data and files with clients or third parties in a secure environment, eliminate insecure e-mails, and optimise collaboration in one place. Kleos also integrates with local e-justice systems to securely exchange information with the courts.

When you use our cloud services, we are well

aware that you are entrusting us with one

of your most precious assets – your data.

Learn more about our commitment to security

by downloading the factsheet.

It's Kleos Time
Web-based practice management software
Kleos is Europe's first cloud-native law firm software and the market leader, already helping 30,000 legal professionals optimise their digital workflows.
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