Supercharged efficiency for Microsoft Word Usage

The Office Add-In seamlessly integrates with Kleos, providing a cohesive and efficient workspace within Microsoft Word. Experience a new level of synergy between your document creation and case management, enhancing productivity and reducing the likelihood of errors:


Insert Case-Specific Information
Streamline your document creation process with our cutting-edge feature that allows you to effortlessly insert case-specific information. Say goodbye to manual data entry and welcome the efficiency of personalized documents tailored to each unique case.

Simple Clause Manager
Empower your legal document drafting with our intuitive Clause Manager. Unleash the power to save and reuse entire blocks of text, transforming the way you work. Experience unparalleled simplicity as you navigate through your clauses, saving time and eliminating redundancy.

Template Compiler
Revolutionize your document template creation process with our Template Compiler. Now, you can effortlessly craft all the templates available in Kleos directly within Word, without the need to navigate into Kleos itself.
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Seamless integration with Microsoft Office

Kleos works with the Microsoft Office applications you already use for your daily work. Use Word to create documents based on templates available in Kleos. Send emails from Microsoft Outlook and let Kleos help you speed up and document your work processes. In addition to seamless integration with Microsoft Office, you can also synchronise your Kleos calendar with your personal Office 365 mailbox.


Store and access your emails

Microsoft Outlook and Kleos

With our Kleos Outlook add-in, you can save incoming emails quickly and easily. Select an email and save it to the folder of your choice, including any attachments. Suggestions and manual search make it easy to select the right file and folder. You can seamlessly integrate your email inbox into your workflow and effortlessly compose emails using Kleos data, saving you valuable time in your daily business operations.

Download for Windows Users
Download for Mac Users

Discover our newly released Outlook add-in for Mac Users:

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