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Secure and confidential customer communications
Security is key when managing confidential information. Law firms cannot afford to exchange sensitive information via unsecured email or file sharing services. With Kleos Connect, we offer the most secure solution for your data exchange. Our sophisticated security features ensure that your data can only be viewed by authorised people. Detailed user management gives you complete control over who can access your portal and individual files. Protect your confidential information with the optimal security solution from Kleos Connect.
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Add value with proactive customer service
Share documents easily without leaving Kleos. In seconds, you can share files with clients or external partners and receive real-time notifications when someone has uploaded, downloaded or commented on a document. Keep track of conversations and document exchanges in a central location and initiate intelligent data exchange with clients and external partners for even better collaboration.
Meet your clients' needs by giving them easy, 24/7 access to files and information in a portal branded with your firm's logo - with the highest level of security. With Kleos Connect, your clients can quickly find the information or files they need, minimising long email conversations or time-consuming phone calls. Organise your work and communication in one place.
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Protect confidential information with the best security solutions
Law firms cannot risk exchanging sensitive information via email or commercial file-sharing services. Kleos Connect is the safest way to share information. Thanks to detailed user management, you have complete control over who can access the portal and individual files.

To do this, send your client a login from Kleos to access the relevant data, documents or files.
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Kleos is Europe's first cloud-native law firm software and the market leader, already helping 30,000 legal professionals optimise their digital workflows.
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