CCH OneClick for secure online collaboration Webinar - May 2020
Tax & Accounting06 May, 2020

Webinar: How to use CCH OneClick for secure online collaboration and communication with your clients

These are challenging times for your practice, your employees and your clients. Face-to-face meetings are not possible right now, email may not be the best way to send sensitive information, and even the traditional post could pose challenges if letters can no longer be delivered to the practice address. Online file transfer, messaging and collaboration may be the answer and CCH OneClick has tools to help you with all of these functions.

The CCH OneClick environment has been created specifically to support collaborative working between advisors and their clients. Now that many more people than usual are working from home, CCH OneClick provides the ideal platform to support your team’s ongoing efforts to guide your clients through this period while working within those all-important safety guidelines.

Join this webinar with Natasha Kobrak who will explain and demonstrate what CCH OneClick can do, with some guidance on best practice and answering your questions.

During this webinar we will cover:

  • Our new multi-factor authentication system
  • Mobile access
  • Digital data collection
  • Document approval process and collaboration
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