Personal tax webinar
Tax & Accounting25 February, 2020

Webinar: How to get ahead in the new tax year

The pace of compliance work is increasing year on year, thanks to changing client expectations and the increased use of technology in the market. The end of the tax season will inevitably leave you asking how you can get greater efficiencies in the next. The answer? Reducing the time taken to complete your clients’ tax returns, with an optimised process at every stage of the tax return and the ability to drill down to each figure.

Watch this webinar with Dean Shepherd, Lead Technology Manager for Compliance and product expert Nick Moss, to discover hidden tips and tricks within CCH Personal Tax and CCH Return Review that will kick start your preparations for the new tax year.

During this webinar our experts will cover:

  • Streamlining the information request process
  • Shortcuts for tax return completion
  • How to automate the review of tax returns
  • Utilising the Tax Return Bundle features
  • Implementing workflows and setting task permissions

This is a must-watch webinar for any practice already looking at how they can improve their next self-assessment season. By embracing the digital tools at your finger tips, you will also be solving many of your problems associated with the annual spike in workload.

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