Webinar - CCH OneClick client activation
Tax & Accounting14 January, 2021

Webinar: Get your clients activated on CCH OneClick in advance of the tax deadline

Join our experts to learn about what you can do in CCH Central to encourage client activation of CCH OneClick if you’ve recently been upgraded to multi-factor authentication.

Watch this free on-demand webinar with our Professional Services consultants who will show you two options to bulk remind your clients to get their Wolters Kluwer account with multi-factor authentication activated in advance of the tax filing deadline.

During this webinar we will cover:

  • Using the bulk resend option
    • Editing the upgrade Email Template
    • Liaising with your upgrade consultant
    • Understanding the audit report
  • Using the mail merge option
    • Creating a bespoke Message Template
    • Editing the new message Email Template
    • Generating a Client list
    • Using Mail Merge to send your message
    • Understanding what your clients will receive

Who should watch?

If your CCH OneClick environment has recently been upgraded to the Wolters Kluwer account with multi-factor authentication, then this webinar will help encourage any clients that have yet to activate their upgraded account.

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