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Tax & Accounting21 November, 2019

Webinar: Bookkeeping – your new high-profit, high-growth service line

Bookkeeping has long been the poor cousin of tax and accounting compliance services. Small margins, labour intensive and huge competition in a commoditised market place. Not anymore.

Combine the latest in document scanning technology with open-banking enabled cloud bookkeeping solutions, that integrate seamlessly into your accounts production solution, and you can automate your way to increased profit margins, increased productivity and increased capacity all in a fully paperless, collaborative online working environment.

If you already use document scanning and cloud bookkeeping tools, this will be a valuable session to help you ensure that you are utilising them to their full potential. Or if you are considering utilising any of these solutions, we will show you the benefits and how easy it is to implement Basecone and Twinfield in your practice.

Watch this webinar with Dean Shepherd and Martin Patmore to hear best practice tips and demonstrations of the key software features that will help you make huge time-savings and improve data accuracy.

During this webinar our experts will cover:

  • scanning receipts and documents straight into your bookkeeping software with Basecone
  • connect live bank feeds and collaborate on your client’s financial data in one place in Twinfield
  • automate seamless integration with CCH Accounts Production

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