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Tax & Accounting09 July, 2020

Unlocking the power of an integrated suite

Wolters Kluwer has noticed a trend of practices moving to an integrated software suite to optimise processes and drive efficiency.

In our last instalment of our video series looking at the challenges and opportunities facing accountants today, we looked to weigh up the cost of not moving to an integrated suite and how standalone software could be holding your practice back.

In this instalment we look at how an integrated suite can deliver a complete picture of your practice and clients, enabling you to improve the service you provide. You no longer need to open different applications, extract data, combining it and format it manually to build a snapshot of information which will soon be out of date. Instead, simply drag and drop whatever you need onto your own home page and watch it update in real-time.

With an integrated suite you will gain:

Better planning, greater foresight

Real-time visibility of your data is key to improving the experience for your clients, offering them additional advisory services and making decisions.

Improved data flow

Secure links to online sources to import and access data effortlessly for the people who need it.

Reduced errors

Eliminate wasted effort and eradicate errors with a single, central database where data is only entered and updated once.

Unlock time and drive efficiency

By harnessing the power of automation your team are released from mundane manual tasks, giving them time to deal with any exceptions and provide higher-value services that clients are willing to pay for.

Greater collaboration

Safe and secure messaging allows team members to collect data easily, allowing your team to concentrate on delivering exceptional customer service

Enhanced client service

Get a complete picture of your clients and your practice without having to swap between individual programs. Give your clients a faster, better service based on complete and current data.

Chartered Accountant Dean Shepherd explains the full cycle of the Wolters Kluwer integrated suite from compliance to practice management needs, showcasing the automation and the removal of data re-entry. Watch this video for more.


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