Accountant making a stress free switch to CCH Central
Tax & Accounting29 October, 2020

Business Orchard LLP makes a stress-free switch to CCH Central

Choose the CCH Central suite and you’ll never regret it. You’ll soon be experiencing new levels of efficiency, productivity and transparency
Howard Rissen, Founder Partner, Business Orchard LLP

Chartered Accountants and registered auditors, Business Orchard was founded 18 years ago by Howard Rissen. Sian Vivanti and Daniel Rissen joined in the last six years and today the three partners continue to grow the business, selectively taking on clients in a range of sectors from recruitment to professional services, both in Hertfordshire and in London.

Rising fees: falling value

A few months ago, Business Orchard migrated to the CCH Central suite, having used another practice software package for over a decade.

Howard Rissen explains why the move had become inevitable: “Despite being long-time users, we never really felt we got to grips with the software. We also became more and more unhappy as the level of service declined. The provider kept promising things would change, but never delivered.”

Howard found that while the problems had steadily worsened over the years, fees were rising to an unacceptable level: “We would agree a price and then it would be changed, upwards of course.”

Exploring the CCH Central suite

Howard had used a precursor to CCH Central some years previously and decided to book a demo to see what Wolters Kluwer could offer.

He and his partners liked what they saw. They discussed their requirements in detail with Wolters Kluwer and how the CCH Central suite would meet them.

They swiftly decided to make the switch to the CCH Central compliance suite for tax and accounts, along with CCH Practice Management. With the renewal of the incumbent software fast approaching, the race was on to implement the new solution.

Support + training = success

Despite the pressure of a tight deadline, Howard and his fellow partners approached the migration with confidence: “We weren’t at all apprehensive in the lead-up because our Wolters Kluwer Professional Services consultant held our hand all the way through. In fact, everyone was so supportive, right from the start, that we never felt stressed for a moment. It all went extremely well. Of course, there are always going to be a few niggles at first but these were quickly resolved.”

Training from Professional Services equipped the Business Orchard team with the knowledge to make a fast, effective start on their new practice software. “It was excellent,” says Howard. “Quite the best training we’ve ever experienced, in fact.”

A practice-wide thumbs-up

Business Orchard has now been using CCH Central to process clients’ compliance work for around four months. Already, the difference is perceptible.

Howard reflects on how life has changed and the greater oversight he now has of workloads: “Where do I start? Our previous software was very clunky and old-fashioned. Getting what we needed out of it was a real performance. With CCH Central, the information is presented in a more rational way, and it’s easier to see what’s behind everything. I like transparency and now I simply click to see what everyone is doing. I can then drill down to explore what’s happening underneath, in a way that was never possible in the past.”

He observes, “All this has proved invaluable in making it much easier to manage the practice when we’re working from home.”

It’s not just Howard who welcomes the increased usability and visibility of CCH Central. “Normally, people don’t like change, even when it’s for all the right reasons. However, since we moved to the CCH Central suite, the feedback I receive from the team shows that they find the software exceptionally easy to use. It’s very logical and intuitive, and the whole team now works in a truly integrated way.”

The firm has recently created the CCH OneClick client portal. Howard can already notice the transformation this is bringing in easing communication and collaboration with Business Orchard’s growing client base through shared online access to data and documents.

A call to action

Howard has a clear message for any firms dissatisfied with their current practice software and ready to break away: “Choose the CCH Central suite and you’ll never regret it. You’ll soon be experiencing new levels of efficiency, productivity and transparency.”

Addressing understandable concerns about the potential risk and effort such a move might entail, he says, “Make the move to CCH Central and you’ll receive every support. We always get the feeling that everyone at Wolters Kluwer really cares, whereas our previous software provider was more interested in selling us stuff we didn’t need.”

On the vexed question of fees, he comments, “The CCH Central suite is very competitively priced, but for us it’s never been just about the money; it’s about value. Our previous software represented declining value for money.” 

Key benefits for Business Orchard LLP

  • Practice software that is intuitive and easy to use
  • Improved management oversight enabling increased business control
  • Every support from Wolters Kluwer Professional Services to make a seamless, trouble-free move
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