6 ways Business Intelligence will drive great business decisions
Tax & Accounting08 June, 2021

6 ways Business Intelligence tools will drive great business decisions

In the first instalment of our insight’s series, we shared how successful companies place data at the heart of their business decisions, helping them to remain relevant and innovative beyond the capabilities of the competition. Our second blog looked at what data to track and how to facilitate a data-driven culture for your practice.

The final and most important benefit: Growing through uncertainty

Business intelligence is key to successfully managing your practice through uncertainty and remaining both profitable and relevant. Both are linked to the operational effectiveness and the value you add to your clients. Making the most of the software to enable data-centric, insight-rich business decisions will not only see you through uncertain times but future-proof your processes for opportunities to come.

Strategically investing in business intelligence means you can use data to unlock future growth drivers for your business. Many key learnings and observations may be patiently waiting inside your database to be unlocked with the right analytical tool.

Often, with a long-term business intelligence project, the potential value that can be achieved is linked to the creativity of the minds involved in the analysis. Asking “wouldn’t it be great if we could see this…?” may well unearth the next big discovery in your data, and it becomes easier to act on those ideas when you have a strong toolset that’s able to quickly assemble the answers.

Introducing Business Intelligence and CCH Central

CCH Central is now integrated with BI tools – giving you the ability to drive business insight from a single, intuitive location.

If growth and profitability was not enough reason to consider BI, here are 6 ways business intelligence tools can benefit your CCH Central usage today.

  1. Facilitate a data-driven culture and instantly share dashboards: We can help you create a hub and spoke system to capture data from many places, so it can be visualised across the practice, resulting in real-time reporting on your business status.
  2. Build a broader picture: Leading companies now have a data-first mindset. This macro trend is very relevant in an industry moving from compliance to advisory.
  3. Build an efficient working model: Enable your business leaders to short cut to decisions that will grow the business with little effort.
  4. BI creates an automated real-time picture: Build dashboards that automatically refresh data regularly with no manual intervention.
  5. Make better-informed decisions, anywhere, any time: Your dashboards can be viewed across multiple platforms and devices so you can be in control anytime, anywhere.

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