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Tax & Accounting30 August, 2019

5 ways Open Integration will change the way you deal with data

Clients have a greater choice of bookkeeping solutions than ever before. You might be required to support 5, 10 or even 20 different bookkeeping solutions or versions of data. The speed and quantity of data today as well as the added pressure GDPR compliance has necessitated the need for futureproofed systems that produce accurate data in real time.

Digitalisation has thrown accountants into a period of evolution and it will become about the survival of the fittest. Historically, there has been no easy way to improve your efficiency without taking away choice for your clients. Wolters Kluwer is the first supplier that can offer the advisor a solution to support a strategy of choice for multi-bookkeeping solutions.

It is not a myth but a toolset within CCH OneClick.

Introducing Open Integration

Open Integration, built around the principles of openness and collaboration, delivers a framework that allows you to integrate with any cloud bookkeeping solution you want.

Open Integration already works with a range of bookkeeping solutions, providing the third-party supplier has an open Application Programming Interface (API).

Permanent connection to bookkeeping data

You no longer need to export data from the bookkeeping solution and manually import this into your compliance solutions. Data is automatically made available, updated every 24 hours, and it can also be updated on an ad hoc basis.

Availability of transactional data

Historically, only trial balance data could be exported from bookkeeping solutions for use in compliance systems. Open Integration gives you access to transactional data.

Drill down to transactional data

Open Integration gives you the opportunity drill back down into transactional data from the trial balance in the compliance solution and view master data. This removes the need for you to keep reverting to the bookkeeping solution to check the data that is making up a value in the trial balance.

Easily adjust data

Easily adjust data in your compliance solution removing the need to go back to the bookkeeping solution to replicate adjustments that have already been made.

Remove duplicate work

Rather than having to set up mappings each time data is imported, the system automatically remembers the mapping previously used on a client, allows you to edit it and then saves the mapping for reuse next time.

Open Integration already connects with Xero, Exact, Twinfield, QuickBooks and Sage Business Cloud Accounting and more collaboration is planned. In addition, many advisors are using CCH Accounts Production software to maintain digital records on behalf of their clients, so Open Integration also integrates seamlessly with Wolters Kluwer’s own CCH Accounts Production software.

Open Integration is part of the bigger move to digitalisation, for more information click here or email

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