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Get immediate access to in-depth tax knowledge provided by experts with CCH IntelliConnect

CCH IntelliConnect is your central source for all the insights and resources you need with up-to-date, reliable, in-depth tax information from experts you trust.

CCH IntelliConnect
gathers together expert insight and a wealth of source documents, to provide you with everything you need to answer both quick and complex tax questions. Benefit from a user-friendly interface, the ability to conduct a broad search or go to just the document you need, and thousands of cross-references to help you navigate seamlessly through resources. Grow your advisory business, prepare tax returns more efficiently, and minimize risk. Access CCH IntelliConnect from anywhere, even on the go.

Choose from a wide range of subject areas and products

  • Federal Tax

  • Provincial Tax


  • Estate Planning

  • International Tax

  • Tax Preparation

Federal Tax

Stay up-to-date on complex federal tax issues and benefit from expert commentary and insights by industry leaders in top accounting and law firms.

Get in-depth, expert commentary on Federal Income Tax issues that will help you serve your clients better.


Federal Income Tax is complicated and rapidly changing. CCH IntelliConnect gives you unprecedented access to the the industry’s best Federal Income Tax content, from the market leaders in the interpretation of Canadian tax since 1946. It’s the one central source you can rely on – whether you’re looking for a quick answer on current tax rates or in-depth analysis from industry experts.

Why choose CCH IntelliConnect for Federal Tax information?

Provincial Tax

Keep track of all the relevant provincial tax developments – including changes to statutes, regulations and all supporting documents – and the analysis to make sense of it all – in each Canadian province and territory.

Enjoy one-stop access to in-depth analysis of provincial tax statutes, cases, regulations and government documents.

Of course, tax laws vary from province to province. So it can be challenging to keep up with the latest provincial tax changes. CCH IntelliConnect helps you stay on top of all of the relevant developments in the areas of income tax, sales tax, payroll tax, property tax and more for all of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories. You have unprecedented access to the industry’s best tax research content from Wolters Kluwer, the market leaders in the interpretation of Canadian tax since 1946.

Why choose CCH IntelliConnect for Provincial Tax information?

  • Access the latest information from all 13 provinces and territories
    • One-stop access to hundreds of statutes and regulations, government documents and more that can vary significantly from province to province
    • A convenient monthly newsletter (Provincial Tax News) summarizes and analyzes key developments and has a comprehensive archive for extensive research
    • Hundreds of road-maps provide a quick jumping off point for further research
    • In-depth coverage of provincial and territorial budgets
  • Content delivered by experts
    • Benefit from expert commentary and insights by key contributors including Wolters Kluwer tax experts such as Peter Tomlinson, LL.B., Jacques Roberge, B.Comm., and Harry Hoogkamp, CPA, CMA, CBV


Get comprehensive coverage of GST/HST (commodity tax) issues, learn about events and webinars and discover the latest books available for both commodity tax specialists and those who need an overview.

Get answers, insights and information on GST/HST issues developed by experts for specialists and non-specialists


The application of GST/HST is broad and increasingly complex. It is an important consideration for any goods or services you or your clients supply or purchase, including online transactions. CCH IntelliConnect  gives you access to the best GST/HST content from leading industry experts. Wolters Kluwer’s content provides comprehensive knowledge you can use early on in the planning stages to avoid costly consequences at a later date. Turn to Wolters Kluwer’s GST/HST resources any time you require indispensable information and leading expertise.

Why choose CCH IntelliConnect for GST/HST information?

  • Up-to-date GST/HST knowledge
    • GST/HST Reporter for tax practitioners, that includes a monthly synopsis of hot topics in the GST/HST Monitor newsletter, checklists, transaction-based analysis and interactive rate charts
    • Wolters Kluwer’s Digital Library features market-leading titles such as A Practical Guide to the GST
    • A robust collection of commodity tax materials – federal and provincial – including Window on GST/HST, which provides analysis on GST/HST Headquarters Letters.
  • Full coverage by experts
    • Full coverage of GST/HST issues by contributors such as Brent F. Murray of PwC Law, and Jacques Roberge, B.Comm. and Peter Tomlinson, LL.B.  of Wolters Kluwer

Estate Planning

Enjoy immediate access to a full range of planning resources for this growing area, including will planning, registered plans, tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs), and powers of attorney.

Get immediate access to continually updated estate planning content developed by experts you trust


The next decade is expected to bring about the greatest intergenerational transfer of assets in Canada that we’ve ever seen. That’s why an in-depth knowledge of estate planning is now more important than ever. CCH IntelliConnect gives you unprecedented access to a complete range of continually updated estate planning resources for will planning, registered plans and TFSAs, powers of attorney, capital gains exemptions, estate freezes and more. All are developed by practitioners at some of Canada’s leading accounting and law firms.

Why choose CCH IntelliConnect for Estate Planning information?

  • Instant access to up-to-date insights
    • Estate planning resources feature a collection of materials, from the Canadian Estate Planning Guide to current books on topics like strategic trust planning and estate planning with life insurance.

    • Checklists and newsletters help you plan your transactions with confidence, and stay up to date on ongoing developments

    • Ongoing coverage of evolving areas of specialty

  • Content delivered by experts
    • Content is provided by leading subject matter experts including Suzanne Hanson and Shaun Doody of Fogler, Rubinoff LLP, Glenn Stephens of PPI Advisory and Caroline Rheaume, M.Fisc., Adm.A., Pl.Fin., TEP
    • Contributors also include Wolters Kluwer tax experts such as Robert Spenceley, M.A., LL.B., and Cameron Mancell, CFP©.

International Tax

Receive the latest information on cross-border and international issues such as tips and traps of using various corporate structures, implications of Canadian residents owning property in the U.S., and more

Get unprecedented access to the industry’s best international tax research anywhere, anytime.


Borders are becoming increasingly blurred when it comes to business, resulting in international tax issues becoming not only more prominent, but also more complicated. That’s why you need reliable information when it comes to international tax planning and compliance. CCH IntelliConnect gives you unprecedented access to the the industry’s best international tax content developed by leading specialists in law and accounting.

Why choose CCH IntelliConnect for International Tax information?

  • Instant access to up-to-date knowledge
    • International Tax Newsletter covers the latest news and subjects and has comprehensive archives
    • Wolters Kluwer’s Digital Library features resources on issues ranging from personal tax issues associated with Canadian residents owning a condominium in Florida to sophisticated tax planning involving corporate structures in multiple jurisdictions
    • Canadian Tax Reporter includes comprehensive coverage of transfer pricing, foreign affiliates and other key international tax topics, as well as all treaties involving Canada
    • Ongoing coverage of evolving areas of specialty, cross-border tax implications
  • Content delivered by experts
    • Key contributors include Sam Tyler of KPMG Law and an illustrious Editorial Board of the International Tax Newsletter, and Dentons LLP
    • Be informed by Wolters Kluwer subject matter experts such as Roderick McBey, LL.B., T.E.P.

Tax Preparation

Preparing Your Tax Returns series is the market leader on tax preparation. Benefit from how-to advice, tax planning tips and quick answers to all of your challenging questions related to income tax, corporate tax and trust tax returns.

Wolters Kluwer puts comprehensive, accurate, streamlined tax preparation assistance right at your fingertips


The tax and accounting industry is changing every day – and you need to keep up to stay ahead of the competition. CCH IntelliConnect from Wolters Kluwer will help you do so, with the premier tax preparation content developed by experts and award winning innovation you would expect from Canada’s leading provider of authoritative tax, accounting and audit compliance tools.

Why choose CCH IntelliConnect for Tax Preparation information?

  • Instant access to authoritative information
    • The most respected tax preparation guides in Canada: Preparing Your Income Tax Returns, Preparing Your Corporate Returns and Preparing Your Trust Tax Returns
    • Access to tax preparation information from Taxprep software, that comes directly from your tax form and identifies the relevant line number
    • Tax Topics, the longest standing and most highly regarded tax newsletter in Canada,published every week
    • Ongoing coverage of evolving areas of specialty, including taxation of partnerships and more
    • A wide selection of newsletters on a variety of topics, all with comprehensive archives for extensive research
  • Content delivered by experts
    • You have access to information developed by Wolters Kluwer, the market leader in tax preparation and guidance
    • Experts include tax practitioners at Dentons and MNP, and Wolters Kluwer tax analysts such as Harry Hoogkamp, CPA, CMA, CBV, Cameron Mancell, CFP© and Robert Boucher, CPA, CA
Why choose CCH Intelliconnect?
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