Tax & Accounting January 14, 2019

The power of portals: Automation for the ultimate client experience

Automation reduces the administrative work that doesn’t add value for clients. It helps firms meet client demands for 24/7 service without sacrificing profitability or personal time. One example of automation that can have an immediate impact on service levels is implementation of a client portal for secure document exchange and storage. In fact, portals are evolving into general communication hubs to improve the flow of information between clients and firms. Portals support client engagement Portals offer the on-demand service clients have come to expect from their online interactions. They are securely accessible via mobile devices. Now, a staff member doesn’t even have to be in the office to deliver a requested file and sending a copy of a receipt is as simple as taking a photo. Download the Power of Portals eGuide to learn more about how portals can enhance your productivity and build client relationships.
Linda Churchman
Marketing Content Manager

Linda Churchman is Marketing Content Manager at Wolters Kluwer.

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