Tax & Accounting January 14, 2019

Future-ready firms moving to the cloud

Over the past several years, tax and accounting offices have approached technology in two different ways. Traditionally-minded businesses have stuck to the tax preparation processes they have always used – perhaps with the odd new technology solution bolted on. In contrast future-ready offices have sought opportunities to adopt entirely new technology and ways of working that position them for stronger growth and higher efficiency.

Most tax professionals believe that their businesses could be doing more to leverage technology; secure cloud-based applications can help address top challenges.

The whitepaper The Way Forward: 5 Reasons for Finally Moving to the Cloud shows how adoption of cloud technology can help you keep up with regulatory change, increase firm productivity, recruit and retain qualified staff, and more. Download the whitepaper now.
Linda Churchman
Marketing Content Manager

Linda Churchman is Marketing Content Manager at Wolters Kluwer.

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