Lippincott Advisor is the single source for immediate, evidence-based, online nursing clinical-decision support. It delivers instant, 24/7 access to the latest evidence-based information that clinicians need at the point of care with over 17,000 monographs and patient teaching handouts.

  • Provides immediate, evidence-based clinical decision support at the point-of-care
  • Eliminates wasted time from unreliable internet searches
  • Supports effective care transitions, increasing patient safety
  • Reduces hospital re-admissions with robust patient-teaching resources
  • Proven to improve patient outcomes
  • Quality indicators and quality improvement strategies

We help to support clinical decisions and improve reimbursement while driving positive patient outcomes. Lippincott Advisor includes topic overviews and improvement planning strategies for 50 targeted quality measures such as the following:

  • Clostridium Difficile
  • Hospital-acquired pneumonia
  • MRSA
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Pressure injury
  • Sepsis
  • Surgical site infection
Lippincott Advisor is my bread and butter. I look at it every day. For me it’s vital.
Andrea McCleary, RN, BSN, MAOM
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Product benefits as follows:

  • Empower your point-of-care clinicians with the knowledge and confidence to make clinical decisions and facilitate delivery of care in both familiar and unfamiliar settings or situations
  • Maintain compliance with current national guidelines including those from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, and alignment with Joint Commission standards and components of the Magnet Recognition Program®
  • Promote a consistent standard of care
  • Reduce the opportunity for error
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Lippincott Advisor – Australian and New Zealand Edition

Lippincott Advisor is an evidence-based, online clinical decision support tool for use in every day clinical practice and education. With over 1,800 synthesised monographs, drug information and patient handouts, it focuses on supporting nurses within the clinical setting. Wolters Kluwer Health is developing an Australian and New Zealand version designed to support the needs of nurses. Based on the US version of Lippincott Advisor, the edition currently in development comprises five key areas:

  1. Clinical diagnosis and treatment
  2. Care planning
  3. Patient teaching handouts
  4. Patient teaching navigator
  5. Clinical leadership, development and advancement
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